Château de Tiregand

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A passion in common

The world-famed author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born at Lyon in 1900 and lost at sea on a wartime reconnaissance flight between Grenoble and Corsica in 1944.   By then, he had logged nearly 7,000 hours as a pilot. His experience in pioneering the airmail service  Aéropostale, as well as his accident in the desert one December night in 1935, contributed directly to his literary output:  from Southern Mail  to Night Flight, fromWind, Sand and Stars to Flight to Arras, as well asThe Wisdom of the Sands and the unforgettable The Little Prince.

saint-exupéryHe and the heirs of the Château de Tiregand shared the same forebears. The original line divided into two branches in the 15th century:   Antoine descended from the branch on the right, the estate’s owners from the branch on the left.

Chateau de Tiregand Bergerac Pécharmant - vin rouge, vin rosé, vin blanc sec (vente de vin en ligne) France